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Apache projects and podlings can get a blog at blogs.apache.org, just by asking. The project's PMC is responsible for the blog's content, and for granting write access to PPMC members.

It is good practice to discuss the content of blog posts on the project's dev list before publishing.

Apache committers can submit their personal blogs to Apache Planet as well.

Requesting a blog for your project

To request a blog, create an INFRA issue using Blogs as its component name. Indicate the project name and the Apache id of at least one initial blog user (see below).

Project Blog users

The blogs.apache.org backend is connected to Apache LDAP services so you should be able to login with your Apache ID using the login link at https://blogs.apache.org/

PMCs own the individual blogs and can give you access.

Project Blog Features

Granting Project blog rights to other committers

PMC members with blog admin rights can grant access rights to blog users via blogs.a.o/$project, login on the bottom of the right column.

Public Preview on project blogs

For those that would like an easy way to post previews of drafts for lazy consensus or voting, a script has been setup to allow the preview url that Roller generates to be shared publicly.

A typical process is to create the blog post, set it up to publish in 3-4 days via the "Advanced Settings", then post the modified preview URL to your dev@ list with the anticipated publish date for lazy consensus.

Author instructions for project blogs

Once a blog post has been saved at least once, Roller will give you a "Full Preview" button. Click this button and copy the resulting URL. This URL will look like follows:


Clicking on this URL will require you to log in and have permissions for the specific blog. For projects that are setup to allow public preview (see below), the following URL will be publicly viewable:


Note the "/roller-ui/authoring" section of the URL has been removed. This can be done by hand or via a clever bookmark in your browser that uses this text as the link:


Clicking that bookmark while staring at the Roller preview page should automatically munge the URL and take you to the public preview page.

Admin instructions for project blogs

By default entries for a given project are not viewable with the preview script. An admin of the project must log into Roller and add the "preview" user to the blog with Limited access.

More info

More info about the underlying blog software can be found on on the Apache Roller website.